AI singer-songwriter launches first song to mixed reactions

Theo Burman
Ai singer-songwriterAnnaIndianaAI

A fully AI-generated singer-songwriter debuted on Twitter to a mixed reception, reigniting the ongoing debate about the role of AI in the creative process.

The new AI singer, named Anna Indiana, launched on Twitter with the song “Betrayed by this Town”.

The video said that “everything from the key, tempo, chord progression, melody notes, rhythm, lyrics, and my image and singing, is auto-generated using AI.”

The use of AI in creative industries, especially art, writing and music, has been heavily debated in recent years due to the development of AI technology. The growing popularity of software such as ChatGPT and AI image generation has made it easier than ever to create content quickly and easily, and the technology is only getting better at looking and sounding authentic.

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However, many viewers felt that the realism wasn’t quite there yet for this new AI musician.

AI singer Anna Indiana met with lukewarm reception

“No one on earth wants this technology,” one commenter wrote. “Use AI to make drudgery easier, not to ruin the activities we enjoy.”

Another viewer said: “The song sucked and the voice is annoying. Not to mention the freakish, out-of-proportion facial structure.”

However, not all the feedback was negative. AI enthusiasts were encouraged by the creation, with one saying: “Such nearsighted comments. It was only a year ago that ChatGPT debuted. It has come this far. Yes, it is crude, but come back in a year.”

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Considering how fast AI technology has developed in the last year, we are likely to see more improvements in the future.

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