Tech YouTuber says adult content ban has kept her from running Twitter ads

Joel Loynds
Naomi Wu with the Twitter logo in the background

Naomi Wu, a tech YouTuber who focuses on 3D printing and other maker projects, has run into issues trying to get her new tools advertised on Twitter.

Tech YouTuber Naomi Wu, has had the ability to run ads on her Twitter account denied. In a tweet, Wu shows screenshots that indicate Twitter has blocked access from running ads on the platform due to an “adult content policy.”

Wu, who has 1.61 million subscribers on YouTube, has exclaimed her disappointment at the decision on her Twitter account.

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The advert that was pulled featured no adult content and was mostly close-ups of the tool in action. She claims that she wants to be able to sell these tools to manufacturers and hobbyists to eventually remove herself from videos.

Wu’s content focuses on maker projects, such as 3D printing, safety following the pandemic, and open-source projects. Her work and investigations into safer methods of disinfecting or preventing the spread of illness have included highlighting the unsafe Dyson Zone Air and Razer Zephyr masks.

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Content creators advertising products is nothing new

Like many modern content creators, the tools were a way for Wu to manufacture and sell a product to her audience and community. We’ve seen similar products like the Linus Tech Tips screwdriver or the Gamers Nexus’ line of accessories. These manufactured products require a lot more care to create than a simple T-shirt.

Twitter has not specified the specific thing that constitutes adult content in its communications to Wu. When we attempted to contact Twitter, we received a simple boilerplate response, a poop emoji.

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Wu’s Twitter account is currently subscribed to the ailing Twitter Blue, including being upgraded to support the full functionality of allowing the public to subscribe to her.

Twitter is currently undergoing a tumultuous time under its current management from Elon Musk. Most recently, the company has asked researchers to delete all information accessed via its previously free API in what has been described as “book burning”.

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