Twitter users roast Elon Musk after he modifies company HQ sign

Elon Musk Twitter HQ signWikimedia Commons/Twitter: Elon Musk

Elon Musk recently changed the sign outside of Twitter’s headquarters to display the word “Titter,” and the platform’s users are roasting the decision.

Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter back in October 2022, a wide variety of changes have been put into place by the entrepreneur.

He quickly reworked the verification process, and most recently changed the website’s icon to display the infamous DOGE Coin mascot.

On April 9, Elon shared that they had modified the Twitter sign outside of their San Francisco headquarters to spell out the word “Titter,” and users were quick to roast Musk’s decision.

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Twitter users roast Elon Musk after sign change

In the tweet, Elon said “Our landlord at SF HQ says we’re legally required to keep the sign as Twitter and cannot remove “w,” so we pained it the background color. Problem solved!”

The post has since received over 14,000 replies and 39 million views in the 13 hours after it was posted.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “titter” means to laugh in a nervous, affected, or partly suppressed manner.

Since then, users of the platform have taken to their profiles to roast the Twitter CEO for his sign change.

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“You sure know how to make Ws disappear huh,” one user replied.

Another Twitter user commented: “Great—now your company sign looks like it was vandalized by a fifth grader with a third grader’s sense of humor. How utterly demoralizing for anyone who still works in that building.”

“Hard to believe this guy has adult responsibilities in the real world,” a third said.

However, others thought the change was quite hilarious. “OMFG LMFAO,” another user replied.

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