Marques Brownlee blasts Dyson Zone headphones “no one should buy it”

Marques Brownlee holding Dyson Zone headphones in studioYoutube / MKBHD

YouTuber Marques Brownlee recently uploaded his latest product review, focusing on the brand-new Dyson Zone headphones, which is not only a wireless headset but also have a built-in air purifier, too.

Tech YouTuber Marquess Brownlee has reviewed the Dyson Zone headset, and the YouTuber named the product “the dumbest product I’ve ever reviewed” in the video’s title. The Dyzson Zone headset not only acts as a wireless headset but also as a portable air filter. The filter takes the form of a cyberpunk-looking mask that attaches to the front of the device.

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Brownlee takes the headset to fellow YouTuber Doctor Mike, who explains the flaws of the headset. He criticizes the air filter on the headset for having no seal, and only filtering to 0.1 microns. However, the device is not HEPA-rated.

Doctor Mike explains how harmful particles could in fact be trapped in the mask, meaning that any harmful particles that you exhale are just wanton blown out of the headset and into your surroundings. Compounded with the headset’s noise-canceling capabilities, Brownlee commented that the headphones “might actually cause more problems than they solve”.

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Given that the device blows air into your nose and mouth, it can dry out the mucus membranes on your body, which could allow harmful pathogens to enter your system among a host of additional issues.

Brownlee walked into a portable toilet and claimed that the air filtration didn’t perform very well with regards to blocking out the foul odors contained within. You can also hear the air filtration on each earcup while the air filter is turned on, too.

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Weight problems

Marques Brownlee wearing Dyson Zone headphonesYoutube / MKBHD

Not only does the headset have various issues when it comes to its air filtration system, but it’s also a high-quality noise-canceling headset offering a metal construction, carrying case, and more. However, it also weighs 588 grams, which is shockingly heavy for something that you carry on your head all day long. Brownlee comments “It feels like I’m wearing a football helmet, these things are so heavy.”

For some context, Brownlee compares it to the AirPods Max headphones, which are already on the heavier side. at 384 grams. Dyson’s offering is over 40% heavier than Apple’s headset, and the air filtration system would only make the device heavier, too.

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There’s a grim coda to the video, with Brownlee stating “No one should buy it, and no one probably will buy it”. Maybe next time, Dyson.

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