Stephen King wants Elon Musk to donate to charity instead of paying for Twitter Blue

Anna Koselke
Elon Musk and Stephen King

Elon Musk recently “gifted” Twitter Blue to Stephen King despite the latter’s opinion on the matter. Today, King took to Twitter to clap back at Musk by saying the $8 should go to charity instead.

After recently acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has made a variety of changes to the social media platform. Many of these have been met with heavy criticism from users, especially after their years of Twitter usage.

One of the most recent changes to be put into motion by Musk is the removal of the verified badge from profiles. This applies to both the blue mark on single users’ accounts and the yellow one on companies’ pages. Instead of obtaining a badge via a verification process, users only need to pay for one.

Twitter is charging users $8 monthly for the blue verification and a whopping $1,000 for companies’ yellow verification badges. Stephen King has recently spoken up after receiving Twitter Blue without paying for it. Musk apparently “gifted” it to him, but King has better ideas for spending $8.

Stephen King asks Elon Musk to donate to charity

On April 20, Stephen King made a Tweet in which he clarified that he had never subscribed to Twitter Blue. Despite this, he had the blue verification mark beside his name, which would usually only be obtainable with the monthly subscription.

Elon Musk replied directly to King’s post, simply saying that he was welcome and “namaste.” His response implied that the Twitter Blue was a gift to King from Musk.

Nothing else was said on the matter for a couple of days. King then posted on April 22 to clap back at Musk, stating that “Mr. Musk should give my blue check to charity” instead. He even suggested the Prytula Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping Ukraine.

King went on to say to the multibillionaire that it would just be “$8, so perhaps Mr. Musk could add a bit more.” As of now, Musk has not yet followed up on King’s new request.

For now, it is safe to say that Stephen King is displeased with his gift from Twitter’s CEO. We will keep you posted if and when Elon Musk decides to respond to King’s challenge.