Tech exec arrested in connection with murder of CashApp founder Bob Lee

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An arrest has been made in connection with the murder of CashApp founder Bob Lee, who was fatally stabbed in San Franciso on April 4. The suspect was allegedly known to Lee and works in the tech industry.

Bob Lee was found with multiple stab wounds in San Francisco at 2:35AM PT on April 4. The CashApp founder later died of his wounds after being treated at a nearby hospital. Lee was 43-years-old, and a father to two children.

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According to a story from Mission Local, a man named Nima Momeni has been arrested in connection with the killing. Police were reportedly dispatched to an address in Emeryville, where the suspect corresponded with the SFPD.

According to Police, Momeni and Lee were indeed acquainted. The report suggests that Lee and Momeni were both driving together in downtown San Francisco in a car belonging to Momeni. It’s suggested by police that a confrontation followed, and potentially continued after Lee exited the vehicle.

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The report states that Police allege that Momeni then stabbed Lee multiple times with a knife that was reportedly found close to the scene.

Nima Momeni is the owner of the tech firm ITExpand, according to his LinkedIn profile. The company provides IT services to businesses and is based in Emeryville, California.

The connection and relationship between the two men remain unclear.

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