Steam Deck owner shocked after Amazon accidentally sends upgraded model

Rosalie Newcombe
Photo of "Delivery Man Knocking on a Door" by Yan Krukau from

Steam Deck owner discovered Amazon Mexico accidentally sent them a 1TB Steam Deck OLED model, instead of the 512 OLED handheld they ordered.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of getting a brand-new piece of tech delivered to your door, especially if that piece of tech is a Steam Deck. The excitement of finally getting your hands on the high-powered handheld is palpable.

After ordering a 512GB Steam Deck from Amazon, r/SteamDeck user alvarogm64 got a huge surprise when their handheld was delivered. Instead of the 512GB OLED model they expected, they opened the box to reveal they had in fact been sent the 1TGB model instead.

“When opening the Deck, I came across the pouch and the Velcro from the case, that’s when I knew that it was a 1 TB. First time that something like this [has happened] to me, called my Deck LuckyDeck”, r/SteamDeck user Alvarogm64 explained.

Alvarogm64 shared images revealing the wrongly labeled Steam Deck, which clearly shows a sticker label for the 512GB model on the cardboard packaging. Yet, the actual Steam Deck sleeve refers to the 1TB handheld.

This wasn’t a mistake on Valve’s part, as the Steam Deck was purchased through Amazon. While only Valve, and in some cases, Komodo, is the only official supplier of the handheld, the Steam Deck isn’t available in every country.

According to Alvarogm64, it was sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico for 15,111 Pesos (or approximately $919), and not a third-party seller.

Currently, Amazon Mexico lists the 1TB OLED model for 17,610 Pesos, which is approximately $1,071. That’s a whole $422 more than the $649 cost of the 1TB version of the handheld in the US. What’s better, is that by mistakenly getting the 1TB model for the cost of the 512GB model, Alvarogm64 made a saving of at least $152.

To ensure they had been sent the 1TB model instead, Alvarogm64 booted up the Steam Deck, only to have it confirmed they were now in possession of the upgraded device. While its price difference is considerably higher than the cost of a 512GB Steam Deck in the States, getting a 1TB model over the 512GB, with all of its exclusive extras, is worth celebrating.