Sony reveals vision for the future of PlayStation controllers & it’s weird

Rosalie Newcombe
Screenshot from the Sony 'Creative Entertainment Vision' video.

A corporate strategy video has provided a glimpse at what Sony thinks a PlayStation controller might look like in ten years time.

With the PS5 Pro rumored to be just around the corner, many Sony fans are waiting to see if the console’s DualSense controller will also receive a well-needed upgrade. While Sony hasn’t officially announced anything alluding to a new upgraded PlayStation 5, many fans suspect it won’t be long until we catch a glimpse of what’s to come.

What Sony fans didn’t expect, however, is the sight of what a PlayStation controller could look like in the future. During a video for this year’s Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting 2024, a bizarre-looking controller has been revealed, being used to play a game set in a space setting.

The unique-looking controller can be seen at a little over the halfway mark of the video. While it’s likely created using visual effects, the controller features a never-before-seen light-up ring between two sides. Unlike the current DualSense controller, the middle part of this futuristic design appears to be missing entirely, and a display is projected above.

Sony’s video didn’t stop at showcasing prospective future controllers. The footage also revealed a range of other futuristic tech, from a handheld translucent display to a compact translucent smart-phone design, the size of a gaming mouse.

Screenshot from the Sony 'Creative Entertainment Vision' video.

The futuristic tech features in a video uploaded to Sony’s official YouTube channel as part of Sony’s ‘Creative Entertainment Vision.’ This creative vision is defined by Sony as a “long-term vision” for where it wants to be in 10 years, with its “eye towards future technological advances.”

According to the official press release, there are three phases to this long-term vision, which include: Harnessing technology to unleash the creativity of creators around the world, connecting diverse people and values, and creating exciting experiences together with creators.