Sony’s new patent for “immersive” haptic controller has fans conflicted

Daniel Appleford
PS5 controller

Sony has issued a new patent for a weighted haptic feedback PlayStation controller and fans aren’t convinced it’s for the best.

PlayStation controllers have gone through multiple iterations over the last few years, with the DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers releasing for the PS5.

Compared to other consoles like Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation controllers offer additional features such as touch sensors and motion detection.

Based on a new patent placed by Sony on March 1, there could be a new controller coming to PlayStation in the future and it has a few unique features.

New PlayStation controller patent gets mixed reviews

The details regarding the new controller explained that Sony aims to add a new “weighted” mechanic to the controller. As described in the patent, the new weight will give the controller a more accurate haptic feedback response for the player.

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“The description of the weighted component shifting the controller’s center of balance reminds me of the force feedback you get from arcade lightgun games,” said one Reddit user. “I wonder if shooter games are the prime aim for this.”

However, not everyone saw the vision of what Sony was trying to accomplish with the weighted controller. Many commenters noted that most games won’t properly utilize the technology and others were concerned about the battery life complications.

byu/hooligan982 from discussion

“Sweet, definitely needed yet another component that causes my controller batteries to die faster,” said another commenter. “Thank you, Sony.”

There have been rumors circulating around the addition of a PlayStation 5 Pro edition, but nothing concrete has been announced. The addition of a new weighted Dual Sense controller could coincide with a “Pro” edition.

However, many patents go unused by companies that issue them. So there is also a possibility that the weighted haptics controller may never reach storefronts.

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