Leaks claim Nvidia GeForce RTX 5080 will be first to launch

Rebecca Hills-Duty
RTX GPU silhouette in a futuristic background

Latest Nvidia leaks reveal that the RTX 5080 could be the first to launch despite previous reports indicating otherwise.

The hype train for Nvidia’s RTX 50 series is at full steam now, with many leakers coming forward with what they claim in inside information. As you might expect, however, not all of this information is accurate. One particular report has sparked controversy and caused prolific Nvidia leaker Kopite7Kimi to step in to refute some claims.

Kopite7Kimi is one of the most reliable sources of information from inside Nvidia. He has previously accurately predicted the specs and release schedule for the RTX 40 Super refresh, and now naturally has turned his attention to the upcoming RTX 50 ‘Blackwell’ series.

According to another well-known industry insider, Moore’s Law is Dead, The RTX 5090 would be the only part of the RTX 50 series to launch in 2024. Though Moore’s Law is Dead is a respected leaker with a good track record, Kopite7Kimi called this information into question.

RTX 4090 Nvidia GPU pretending to be a 5090 as we've erased the 4090 off the art

Many expected that the RTX 5090 would indeed be the first to market, to supplant the mighty RTX 4090, whose place at the top of the graphic card performance totem pole currently remains unchallenged. Kopite7Kimi challenged this assumption, saying that instead, the GeForce RTX 5080 will be first to market.

Furthermore, Kopite7Kimi said that the RTX 5090 would then follow shortly after the RTX 5080 launch, with the rest of the series coming to store shelves in 2025.

One unnamed insider source claims that the RTX 5090 is set to be formally revealed at Computex, and Nvidia board partners have said they are expecting at least one 50 series launch in 2025. It could be that Nvidia will reveal all at Computex, which starts on June 4, 2024. Until they do all unconfirmed information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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