Nvidia CEO promises they won’t forget about gaming as they become $1 trillion company

jensen huang nvidia ceo in front of an ai generated server room and a stock image of a gaming pcPexels/Nvidia/Firefly

In a roundtable Q&A, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that gaming wasn’t going anywhere in light of the AI boom that saw the company hit a $1 trillion valuation.

At Computex 2023, Jensen Huang was the man of the hour. After being hounded by attendees like a rockstar, the CEO of Nvidia hosted a roundtable question and answers session with the press.

The Q&A wasn’t filmed or recorded, but stringing together the various news stories that have come out from it, it seems safe to assume that Nvidia isn’t going anywhere in the gaming space.

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PCWorld asked the question whether they were going to be ditching gaming and refocusing the company on AI after the company hit the coveted $1 trillion valuation. This valuation makes Nvidia the first semiconductor company in the world to hit this level.

Jensen Huang says Team Green isn’t leaving gaming any time soon

However, Huang shot back by saying that gaming was key to the developments that AI is experiencing now. Things like DLSS, as well as ray tracing, key features on the RTX GPUs, pushed the boundaries of the tech first.

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“Number one, RTX was invented for gamers, and for RTX, the technology, the most important technology is AI. Without AI, we could not do ray tracing in real-time.

“It was not even possible. And the first AI project in our company—the number one AI focus was Deep Learning Super Sampling. Deep learning. That is the pillar of RTX.”

He then goes on to mention that the first demo they gave at Computex to do with generative AI was in a video game setting. Nvidia’s new ACE software allows for generative language models to be implemented within game engines like Unreal, and interacted with by the player.

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“Number two, notice what we did with generative AI, the first application was ACE… you hurt my feelings so deeply.” Of course, the final bit of that quote is a joke on Huang’s part.

Nvidia CEO defends poorly received RTX 4060 Ti

RTX 4060 Ti Founders Ediiton on a deskDexerto

Gaming isn’t going anywhere in Nvidia’s plans, it seems and Huang even got defensive over the RTX 4060 Ti which was released recently. The GPU was poorly received at launch, with our own review pointing out that 8GB of VRAM wasn’t enough for some modern games.

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However, Huang doesn’t believe this to be the case, going on record as saying that dealing with VRAM is like “kung-fu”.

“Remember the frame buffer is not the memory of the computer – it is a cache. And how you manage the cache is a big deal.

“It is like any other cache. And yes, the bigger the cache is, the better. However, you’re trading off against so many things.”

This has not stopped the company from offering up a 16GB model of the GPU, due to release later this year.

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