Nvidia RTX 4080 Super rumored to have 20GB VRAM

rtx 4080 super mock up

A new rumor has popped up, as an outlet claims its sources know that Nvidia plans to use 20GB of memory in the RTX 4080 Super.

The world of graphics cards is prepping for yet another round of refreshes in 2024. Nvidia’s rumored latest addition to the RTX 40-series is an RTX 4080 Super.

The rumored GPU tracks with Nvidia’s release schedule, with a couple of beefier versions of current generation cards released. Often followed by Ti, the Super branding was last used in the 20-series as Ti versions were released alongside or close to the non-suped-up version.

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It also means that Nvidia is adding a lot more to the card. This time, as well as the other rumored specs, Nvidia could be using 20GB of VRAM. For reference, the current 4080 launched with 16GB. It was also planned to have a 12GB version, but this was scrapped after it launched.

The report comes from Benchlife, who claims they have sources that have knowledge on the matter. They don’t share any of Nvidia’s plans for overall specs, but just that 20GB of VRAM is the idea here.

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Nvidia could be prepping a 20GB 4080 Super GPU

RTX 4080 Founders Edition DesignDexerto

Nvidia and AMD have both been in the conversation around this current generation’s VRAM allocation. The 4060 was lambasted and received middling reviews for its limited 8GB option. AMD’s low-end card for the RX 7000 series was also criticized for this.

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However, AMD’s current flagships, the 7900 XTX and XT cards already feature 24GB and 20GB. Nvidia’s flagship, the 4090, also uses 24GB. The 7900 XT scored an incredible 4/5 in our review, to give you an idea of the performance 20GB of VRAM allows for.

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Adding 20GB to the RTX 4080 would see Nvidia’s card get an impressive jumpstart and cause under-the-hood changes. The 4080 is built on the AD103 chip, the cut part of the original die that contains all the GPU goodness.

AD103 can’t handle the necessary 320-bit memory bus, and so would need to hop up to the AD102. This jump would also give the potential for extra bumps in specs like CUDA cores and cache.

However, renowned leaker Kopite7Kimi has contested this and mentioned that he believes it’ll sport the full AD103 die, and feature a higher max power and faster GDDR6X VRAM.

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The RTX 4080 Super is, as of right now, a rumor with some good backing behind it. With so many options now available, it’s no wonder Nvidia is moving to get something out fast.

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