Nvidia RTX 40-series production reportedly slowing down after AI GPU boom

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According to sources at Moore’s Law is Dead, Nvidia has almost halted production of RTX 40-series graphics cards, and is shifting its 4nm output toward AI products like the H100 following the AI boom.

Nvidia’s RTX 40-series has not been the most well-received GPU generation in recent memory. As the market for high-end GPUs continues to wane, the company has been quick to react to shifting industry demands.

Following the explosion of ChatGPT and AI products over the past year, Nvidia has been enjoying the fruits of being one of the biggest AI chipmakers in the industry. This gambit has seen the company’s valuation rise to over a trillion dollars.

YouTuber and analyst Moore’s Law is Dead claims that Nvidia is now looking to shift its booked TSMC 4nm capacity over to AI products as much as it can, which means that production of RTX 40-series GPUs “is essentially hibernating”, according to one source.

Another source reiterates that Nvidia is looking to shift capacity over to its H100 chip, which is most often used for AI products. But, they further claim that Nvidia has “already produced a year’s worth of Lovelace” graphics cards. Since sales of the GPUs are slower than anticipated, the company is seemingly content with a lower supply of GPUs on the market. The first source continues: “…we are keeping a line open for each SKU, but this is because there are contracts with TSMC that basically force us to”.

Nvidia refocuses as many resources as possible

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Since the RTX 40-series is not landing with gamers as well as the company might have liked, the company is now leaning toward the AI boom in order to keep its products in demand. This is a smart move as if Nvidia is already sitting on a year of consumer GPUs, they will avoid an oversupply crisis which they faced last year, and still manage to retain the pricing of its current graphics card lineup.

According to the Steam Hardware Survey, the RTX 40-series is still selling, and getting into more systems than ever before, with the RTX 4070 Ti leading the pack when it comes to market proliferation.

This will likely not impact gamers too much, but if you’re looking for an RTX 40-series GPU, they might be a little bit harder to find now than before. All the while, AMD is allegedly gearing up to announce the RX 7700 and RX 7800 in just a matter of weeks.

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