Nvidia DLSS usage reaches “record numbers” as ray tracing adoption rises

Games that support DLSS on a black backgroundNvidia

Hot on the heels of the release of the RTX 4070, Nvidia has released some usage statistics of DLSS and ray tracing adoption amongst users.

It’s been four years since Nvidia birthed DLSS into the world, the supersampling tool was in its infancy, and now on its third version, it appears that DLSS is only gaining more traction over time. In a recent blog post, the company published some interesting usage statistics for the new tech’s adoption, sampled from millions worldwide.

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Four years ago, only 26% of Nvidia GeForce 20 series gamers turned the DLSS feature on. However, as newer hardware has been released, this number has now shifted to a staggering 71% of 30 series users, and 79% of 40 series users, too.

Statistics showing RT and DLSS usage by gamers on Nvidia GPUsNvidia

Now, this is not just a blanket statement. More developers are now implementing DLSS into their games, and more games are making use of the demanding ray tracing features available on PC.

Interestingly, the DLSS 3 has been adopted seven times faster than previous versions, according to documents supplied to Dexerto.

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Ray tracing adoption also sees huge generational adoption

Initially, ray tracing was seen as a bit of a gimmick. Now, with new consoles launched and developers making games with RT in mind, more games are implementing it than ever before. One notable example is Cyberpunk 2077’s impressive “Overdrive Mode”.

However, as the GPU generations pass, we can see that 56% of RTX 30 series users turned ray tracing on, with over 83% of 40 series users turning the feature on. Compared to 43% of the 20 series, it appears that the new technology is gaining traction.

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When combining DLSS and ray tracing together, you get a potent concoction that offers you “more” frames when compared to some of the competition.

Regardless, it’s unclear how this data has been validated, so it could be that a user flicked ray tracing on, and never used it again in any other title, and yet has still been used as a statistic in these numbers, so remember to take these claims with a pinch of salt.

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While DLSS is still rocketing ahead of AMD’s FSR implementation, this has not stopped Team Red from criticizing Nvidia over its seemingly small VRAM capacities when compared to its own offerings.

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