Modder builds handheld PlayStation out of rare PS1 controller

Rosalie Newcombe
Image from haihaisb's Instagram featuring their custom made portable PlayStation.

Game Boy modder Hairo Satoh has built a portable PlayStation out of a Japanese-only 2001 Game of Life controller.

Reliving the classic PlayStation games of the 90s has never been easier. With handhelds like the PlayStation Portal, classic games available through Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, can now be played in the palm of your hand.

Now, one modder has gone one step further to develop a custom PlayStation handheld created using a retro PS1 controller.

Custom handheld modder, and self-described “Gameboy doctor” Hairo Satoh, first shared their incredible PlayStation device on their Instagram account. The tiny portable PlayStation can be seen in all its retro-looking glory, displaying the opening to Mega Man 8, also known as Rockman in Japan.

According to Hairo, the portable PlayStation features a memory card slot, added L&R back triggers, a volume wheel, dual stereo speakers, and a USB-C port, likely intended for charging.

Unlike the upgraded Dual Analog PlayStation controllers, it doesn’t feature analog sticks and instead sports the grey D-pad and grey PlayStation button layout of the original PS1 controller.

Later images of the device shared on Hairo’s social media, revealed the small form factor is actually that of an official Game Of Life PlayStation accessory made by Takara.

The Takara Roulette controller was released in 2001, only in Japan, and came with a spinner in the center. Now, instead of the spinner typically associated with the Game of Life board game, a small display can be found in its place.

Further videos reveal the modded controller running Resident Evil 2, not something originally thought possible for an over-20-year-old board-game controller.