Linus Tech Tips apology video under fire for being monetized & having jokes

Joel Loynds
Linus in front of the youtube monetization logo

As the situation with Linus Tech Tips spirals, those viewing the recently posted apology video have noticed it is monetized in multiple ways.

Linus Media Group, the company behind Linus Tech Tips, posted an apology video titled “What do we do now?”. It featured not only Linus but the group’s new CEO, Terren Tong, and CFO, Yvonne Ho, among other staff members apologizing for the situation around the auctioning off of a prototype, testing, and production.

The video follows an explanation surrounding their testing, which was lambasted by Gamers Nexus.

It highlighted new changes coming to Linus Tech Tips, with all video production put on pause. However, viewers are now irritated at the fact that the apology video has not only been monetized but also features jokes.

A tweet from Alex Naivety, Director of Media for Blaustoise, highlighted the issues surrounding the video.

In the introduction with Tong, they transition to Ho’s segment with a joke about sponsorships – a running gag through all Linus Tech Tips videos. COO, Nick Light, also makes a joke about heading to the Linus Tech Tips store.

As well as this, store links to LMG’s merchandise are still posted in the video description. However, this is a default setting on YouTube to repeat descriptions.

There’s also a moment in the video where the price of the prototype from Billet Labs is disclosed, apparently against the company’s wishes. Meanwhile, another user has alleged that LMG is currently deleting comments under the video.

Linus Tech Tips apology video under fire for being monetized

On Floatplane, LMG’s custom video hosting service, Linus responded to a comment that said it’d be best to remove the jokes: “We are still us. We’d have an equal number of people complaining if this WAS a completely careful, corporate response.

“We won’t be able to make everyone perfectly happy, so what we’re going to do is be ourselves – the best version of ourselves – and move past this.

“Nick wanted to do the [LTTStore] thing. It broke the tension while we were having tough conversations about accountability and the best path forward. Is a little humor a bad thing…? Honest question -LS”

The ongoing Linus Tech Tips situation has evolved into something uglier than when it began. Prior to the video going live, an ex-staff member posted a Twitter/X thread about their time at the company. The fresh allegations posit a toxic workplace, including harassment and poor treatment.

A prior response from Linus involved him lashing out at the public criticism.

It is unclear if Linus or the rest of LMG will acknowledge the allegations but Dexerto has reached out for comment.

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