Grab four Apple AirTags for the price of three with 19% off

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Apple’s tracking devices, the AirTag, are 19% off on Amazon. There’s an additional saving with a coupon too for a limited time.

Amazon has a pack of four AirTags at a reduced price, essentially giving you one for free when you break down the cost. There’s also an additional 99 cents off with a coupon for a limited time.

The Apple AirTag is a great way to keep tabs on your stuff that often goes missing. Bags and keys are always difficult to find at the worst moments, which is where the AirTag comes in.

Apple’s little trackers use Bluetooth and will alert you when you’ve left them behind. When you want to search for something in the house, for instance, it’ll guide you through the Find My app.

Introduced in 2021, the AirTags have been a rousing success. There are even a few competitors that launched before and after so that non-Apple devices can have their version. The AirTags won’t work with Android devices directly though, as you’ll need an Apple device to do the setup.

Android Apple AirTag alternatives also go on sale

Tile Mate Essentials

If you’re after the Android equivalents, single packs of both Tile and Samsung’s trackers are on sale too. There’s 17% off a Samsung SmartTag 2, as well as 20% off a Tile Pro right now.

Tile is the company that introduced the concept to the public, and was eventually bought for over $200 million. Meanwhile, Samsung released its tracker equivalent a few months before Apple, in January 2021.

Apple AirTags offer the best value for money if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem, however. This is a killer deal and one that will actually help you in your day-to-day. Do you know how many times we’ve lost our iPhone, only to rush to another Apple device to locate it in the house? Too many to count at this point.

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