Where to find the downloads folder on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android

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Wondering how to update Google Chrome? Luckily, there’s not much to the process, as we walk you through exactly how Chrome gets updated, and how to manually push through an update yourself. 

Google Chrome is the browser of choice for many devices. Google’s developers work hard continuously to add new features, enhance security, and patch bugs on this already feature-rich browser.

Updating Chrome regularly, provides enhanced security and access to these latest features that are released every six weeks or so.

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The process of updating Chrome varies on the device you’re using. For some devices, updates happen automatically, while for others, users need to initiate the update themselves.

Regardless of the method, we’ll help you navigate the process, no matter if your device is a PC, MacBook, iPhone, and Android devices, including tablets.


Where can I find the downloads folder?

Every operating system between a range of devices has a different location for the downloads folder. has a default folder to save data downloaded from the internet. The path to this folder can be identified by going to the file explorer or via the settings menu on your browser.

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Where is the downloads folder on my PC?

You can find the downloads folder on your PC by opening the file explorer and clicking “Downloads” on the left-hand side. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Windows 11 or 10-powered system; it will have a downloads folder by default. You can access the file manager by pressing Windows+E simultaneously. Here, you’ll find a bunch of icons on the left-hand side, including Home, Desktop, Recent, Documents, Pictures, and more. The “Downloads” folder will also be present here.

If you want to use your mouse or the trackpad on the laptop, you can click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar and access the “Downloads” folder on your computer from the icons listed on the left.

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Where is the downloads folder on Mac?

You can find the “Downloads” folder on Mac right on your dock, or by looking it up via Finder. Like Windows, even Mac has a designated space to save your downloaded content. It also stores all the files transferred to your Mac via Airdrop.

This folder is specific to every user profile, and a shortcut to the “Downloads” folder on Mac can be found in the app dock.

If you’ve deleted it from there, you can still find and locate it via Finder. Click the Finder menu, followed by Settings. Once you’re in Settings, select the sidebar and then check the box next to “Downloads”.

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Where is the downloads folder on Android?

When it comes to Android, finding your downloaded files, or the “Downloads” folder can be tricky. The process to locate the downloads folder on a Samsung phone or tablet can be different than on Pixel devices, for example.

Downloads folder on My Files App on a Samsung Phone

On a Samsung Galaxy phone, you need to go to the My Files app, and once you tap to open it, you’ll find the shortcut to the Downloads folder pinned at the center of the screen. Tap on it to see all the images or files you have downloaded or transferred.

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Downloads folder on Files By Google App on a Samsung Phone

Another more straightforward way to manage your downloaded content on your Android phone or Tablet is using the Files by Google app. This lightweight app not only helps you manage the storage on your device but also offers easy access to the “Trash” folder and even allows you to transfer files between multiple devices quickly.

Since the UI of this app remains universal on all devices, the Downloads folder can be accessed by clicking “Browse” on the bottom menu bar.

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Downloads folder on internal storage of a Samsung Phone

You can also locate the “Downloads” folder by manually going into the file system of your device. The first step is to go to “Internal Storage” using any file manager on your Android device. You will find a list of all the folders on your device. Here, all you need to do is to sort them alphabetically scroll to find the “Downloads” folder.

Where is the downloads folder on an iPhone or an iPad?

To find the downloads folder on an iPhone and iPad, go to the Files app, tap Browse, and then click on “iCloud Drive”. The downloads folder resides under “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad” under your iCloud Drive on your Apple device.

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How to find and manage downloads on a Chromebook

Finding and managing any downloads on your Chromebook is pretty simple, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Click on the three dots menu on the top left of Chrome.
  • Scroll down to locate the Downloads tab
  • All your recently downloaded files will be visible there.
  • You can tap the “Show in Folder” link to open the Downloads folder

The second option is to find the “Files” application on your Chromebook. Locate the Files app in the menu and tap on the “Downloads” folder located on the left sidebar.

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