Gamer goes viral claiming Newegg sent metal weights instead of RTX 4090

Gigabyte RTX 4090Gigabyte

A PC gamer has gone viral after claiming in a Reddit post that Newegg sent him metal weights instead of his nearly $2000 Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card.

The RTX 4090, Nvidia’s latest addition to their line of high-end graphics cards, launched on October 12 to near critical acclaim with gamers around the world rushing to grab one.

Shortly after it got into the hands of reviewers, it became evident that the RTX 4090 is an absolutely massive upgrade to gaming performance, making fans understand the nearly $2,000 price tag.

Redditor u/NuclearInnardsBeep was one of the people who wanted to quickly purchase the RTX 4090, but according to his post in the PCMasterRace subreddit, things didn’t go quite as planned.

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Redditor claims Newegg sent metal weights instead of GPU

On October 20, The gamer posted a picture of his Gigabyte-branded RTX 4090 box with two metal weights inside instead of his coveted graphics card.

He said: “Hey guys, check out my new 4090. Side note, Newegg seems to have locked my account instead of responding, so that’s cool.”

While it’s hard telling why Newegg allegedly locked his account as he didn’t share that information, it’s not the first time the popular online retailer has had this issue.

Back in February, Newegg released a statement on Twitter where they revealed they had a “very small number” of returns that weren’t thoroughly inspected before being offered for sale as an “open box” product.

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According to the Redditor, customer support has yet to respond to him so as of right now he’s stuck with a box full of metal weights and nearly $2k gone from his bank account.