How to format an SD card for Steam Deck

how to format sd card for steam deck

Wondering how to format your SD card for Steam Deck? We’ve got your questions answered, with all the steps you need to take when putting a new card into Valve’s humble handheld.

Got a microSD card for your Steam Deck? You might want to do some preparation beforehand to get it up and running correctly.

This is because the Steam Deck uses Linux, and not a file system that other operating systems use. In this case, it’s best to let the Steam Deck’s Gaming Mode handle the formatting process, as you’ll be able to get straight into downloading games to them immediately.

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You’ll also find that the SD card won’t appear in Gaming Mode if you put a non-formatted card in. So, that’s the first thing that you’ll need to do when you pick one up.

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How to format an SD card on Steam Deck

To format your SD card for the Steam Deck, head into the Settings menu. Now, go to System and scroll down until your see “Format SD Card”.

Press the button and wait a short time to have a fresh new SD card ready for gaming with.

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What format should SD cards be for the Steam Deck?

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SD cards and all storage should be in the ext4 format. This way, you can start adding them to your Gaming Mode library. We have a full guide on how to add additional storage, like SSDs and hard drives to your Deck’s repertoire.

If you need an SD card for your Deck, we recommend the following:

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