Flipper Zero gets brand-new feature that makes hacking even easier

Joel Loynds
flipper zero in front of app store

The developers behind Flipper Zero, a hacking multitool, have launched their own app store, making functionality and getting new features far easier.

The Flipper Zero is a smart gadget combining multiple sensors and options into hacking multitool. This includes everything from a BadUSB, which can start the software when plugged in, or scan for radio frequencies in the area.

However, getting custom programs for Flipper Zero has been an awkward process. Searching for a GitHub to acquire new tools can be a little bit of a chore for some. It’s not a complicated process, just not as elegant as an app store.

This is where the new app store comes in. There’s no additional software to download, and it’s already filled with a variety of new software to try out. Of course, there are already some games on there too.

New app store for Flipper Zero brings bounty of new tools

flipper zero

One of the most interesting additions shows just how versatile the device actually is. Developer Esteban Fuentealba has made an app that allows you to trade Pokemon generated by the Flipper Zero to an actual Gameboy over a rewired Link Cable. By retooling the cable into the GPIO pin slots on the top of the device, it emulates a ‘slave’ device, allowing for your old cartridges to nab a Mew or any missing Pokemon.

Most of the others are far more useful, as the device was intended to be. This includes things like spectrum analyzers, flashing firmware to connected boards, and even a specific remote mode for the Xbox One.

The Flipper Zero caused a stir last year when its funds were withheld by Paypal over security concerns. However, the company has made massive strides since then and even has a retailer for shipping the device to Europe. Amazon still has the device banned due to fears of credit card skimming.

How to use the Flipper Zero app store

It’s incredibly simple, you simply connect the Flipper Zero over USB, load up Chrome, and head to the app store. Once you’ve found something, it downloads and installs it straight onto the Flipper Zero itself.

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