Discord to start showing ads in-app this week

Dylan Horetski
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Discord is set to launch in-app ads to help support game developers, and they’re reportedly coming soon.

In early March 2024, Discord revealed that “sponsored quests”, or ads would be added to the platform to help “support game developers” through the popular chat app.

Discord didn’t initially share a release date, or even how they’re going to implement ads into Discord’s overall design, other than mentioning that the sponsored quests would “tastefully” be integrated.

A report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Discord’s sponsored quests will be landing on the platform this week, and will be displayed at the bottom left of the app.

“The paid promotions are from videogame makers and will offer users gifts for completing in-game tasks while their friends watch on Discord,” said WSJ.

“The ads will be targeted to users based on their gameplay, age, and geographic location data, and they will appear in the bottom left corner of users’ screens” said Peter Sellis, Discord’s senior vice president of product, speaking to The Wall Street Journal.

Those looking to complete the sponsored quests must stream themselves doing a task in Discord with at least one friend watching the broadcast. Discord says that users can opt-out of being served personalized sponsored Quests in the app if they don’t want to do them.

The company has not yet rolled out the sponsored quests feature to its app, but it is poised to land as soon as this week.

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