Cyberpunk 2077 player reportedly doubles FPS by unlocking DLSS 3 on RTX 2070

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Nvidia recently introduced DLSS 3 to its brand-new RTX 40-series graphics cards, however, it seems that the feature can be used by older graphics cards, to great effect, as one Reddit user has found.

DLSS 3’s brand-new Frame Generation feature sounds a little bit like magic. The AI technology is able to predict the next frame of the game, with little performance impact in game. While the feature was originally exclusive to cards in the GeForce RTX 40-series lineup. However, as spotted by Chairman Jeb on Twitter, one Redditor has found a way to bypass the lock.

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The Reddit user JusDax, posted that they reportedly managed to bypass the software lock included in Cyberpunk 2077. They managed to unlock DLSS 3 simply by adding in their own config file, which has not been posted.

Using an RTX 2070 at 1440p, DLSS Balanced, Frame Generation on, Ray Tracing Ultra, they achieved 80FPS. This doubles their original performance with similar settings, with DLSS balanced and Frame Generation turned off.

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However, they also note that using the Frame Generation setting is unstable. They have also not posted their configuration file, or screenshots to back up the claim. However, we’re inclined to think that it is indeed real. Users previously have hacked DLSS to work on older cards, so it makes sense that DLSS 3 features can get unlocked in a similar manner, too.

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DLSS 3 Frame Generation could be a lifeline for older GPUs

Unlocking DLSS 3 on older GPUs might be a lifeline for those whose GPUs can’t really handle the latest titles. However, should this trick work on other games, it might be a fantastic feature that allows for older GPUs to keep up in the most demanding titles. Especially since cards like the RTX 4090 are so expensive, it might be a great feature for those holding off on an upgrade.

However, whether that remains possible on other titles remains to be seen. We’ll keep our eyeballs peeled on any developments on this front.

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