Best power bank for Steam Deck: Omnicharge, Anker & more

best power bank for steam deck

The best power bank for Steam Deck will never have you run out of charge in the middle of a gaming session again. We go through some of our top picks for the best portable chargers currently available for Valve’s portable powerhouse.

Valve’s handheld, the Steam Deck, doesn’t exactly have stellar battery life. The portable handheld uses a custom AMD APU, and while it is efficient, it’s still based on x86, meaning that the console can drink up power pretty rapidly. While there are hundreds of people out there constantly fiddling with the settings to get more game time, who really has the patience for it?

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Whether you’re a 40Hz person or someone who plays on the default settings, at some point, you’re going to get caught out while using the console. It’s a nightmare scenario, no Steam Deck and a long journey, or visiting somewhere and a plug socket is just too far from reach.

This is where a handy power bank will save you, but you will need the best of the best. There are a lot of portable chargers for mobiles, though some can now power higher-wattage devices like laptops and handheld gaming consoles like the Steam Deck and Ayaneo 2.

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The best power bank for the Steam Deck: Omnicharge Omni Mobile 25600

omni 25600

While we recommend the slightly more powerful Anker 737 below, you have to remember that the Steam Deck only really needs 45W to charge. As such, a much bigger battery and 60W coming out of a USB-C port for the same price is nothing to scoff at.

The Omni Mobile 25600 is a relatively small and flat device to keep in your bag, and with a massive 25600 mAh battery onboard, you’ll be able to not only charge your Steam Deck but your phone too.

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When choosing a power bank, another thing to take into consideration is portability. Having this sidled up against the edge of your bag, with a nice secure USB-C cable coming out the top is going to be one of the best options out there.

Plus, having 25600 mAh on hand for any occasion should see you through a couple of charges before the charger itself needs to have a break.

The best premium power back for the Steam Deck: Omni 20c+

omni 20c+

The Omni 20c+ is an utterly fantastic device, having used it extensively in the past. Its puck-like form factor may raise some eyebrows, but its specs are nothing to sniff at.

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It can output up to 100W over its USB-C port, as well as provide two 5-volt charges over USB-A at the front. Not only can you charge your Steam Deck, other accessories, and your phone all in one big hub.

However, the Omni 20c+’s incredibly robust specifications also come with a premium price tag of $249.99. Honestly, considering the Steam Deck needs less than half of the power that this device can output, it can be a little bit overkill. But, it’s also incredibly versatile.

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The best budget power bank for the Steam Deck: Anker 737

anker 737 charger

One of Anker’s newest chargers is the 737, which provides an astounding number of ports for a device as slim as it is. It’s powered by a whopping 24,000 mAh battery and if it can charge an M1 MacBook Air nearly twice, it should have no problems with the Steam Deck.

There’s a cool 140W coming out of the USB-C port and boasts it can pump up a MacBook’s battery to 50% in 40 minutes.

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Compared to others on the market promising similar performance, Anker might be one of the few that we trust with our devices. The dedication to ensuring that you’re always safe is absolutely required when dealing with such high voltage. Anker employs their “ActiveShield 2.0” to ensure that devices are safe (we assume by turning the charger off at certain intervals), and your Steam Deck should be just fine over extended periods of time.

What wattage does the Steam Deck need to charge?

Steam Deck with a MicroSD cardDexerto

45 watts is what Valve recommends for getting the best results from a charge on your Steam Deck.

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This is the main thing to take into consideration when you go and choose a portable charger that can actually provide enough power to the Steam Deck.

While you could get trickle charge working, you’d have to leave the Deck unmanned. If a game causes it to draw more than it’s getting, you’ll end up seeing it shut down.

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