Valve confirms Steam Deck 2 is coming but not anytime soon

Steam Deck 2

With the Steam Deck celebrating its first year of release, Valve staff has stated in a recent interview that the Steam Deck 2 is still a while away.

The Steam Deck has made it a full year and the success is off the charts. In a recent interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve’s staff expressed their excitement about the device.

Some of the statistics given are incredibly surprising, but the main juicy aspect of the interview was an answer from Lawrence Yang, a designer at Valve. Towards the end of the piece, Yang states that he doesn’t think a next-generation Steam Deck would land “for a few years”.

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He explains that a future device with a “significant bump in horsepower” wouldn’t happen for some time. It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t say a Steam Deck 2, but a “true next-gen Deck”.

While we’re of the belief that Valve wouldn’t call a device “Steam Deck 2” for any incremental upgrades, it seems that Yang and the team at Valve are still careful about naming anything with a number.

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Valve has been on record before as saying that a second device will eventually arrive, but this is pretty much the closest we’ve gotten to a straight answer.

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The Steam Deck is a huge success

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However, Valve isn’t rushing to create a new device. The work on getting games verified, or functioning in a playable state continues. As of right now, the team has managed to get over 10,000 games now labeled as Verified and Playable on the device with Proton. That’s a massive jump of around 8000 games in 2022.

The team has also noticed that “42%” of users “end up spending the majority of their Steam gaming time on Steam Deck – preferring it over their other devices.”

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We’re big fans of the Steam Deck and have been covering it extensively since we got our hands on it. We’ve even put together an ultimate starter guide to get you started in all things.

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