Nvidia 40-series Titan GPU images allegedly leak online

Sayem Ahmed
Nvidia Titan

YouTuber and leaker Moore’s Law is Dead has revealed images of what they believe to be the next Nvidia Titan card, once thought to be retired.

Remember Titan? Nvidia’s lineup of Titan cards has long been the king of consumer graphics cards. However, they were notably absent in the previous generation of Nvidia GPUs. However, it appears that a 40-series variant has surfaced in a reported leak online.

YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead reports that they have the first alleged images and details of Nvidia’s next Titan GPU. The card will sport two 12VHPWR connectors, in addition to a gargantuan four-slot cooler. The GPU has also been styled in the same fashion as other 40-series GPUs, with an all-metal design.

Curiously, the images show that the GPU has its dual 12VHPWR connectors placed at the bottom, which raises more than a few eyebrows when it comes to the potential design of the GPU. It’s likely that this is just a mockup, but it is a noticeable quirk in this alleged “leak”.

It might not get released

However, it comes with a catch. These graphics cards might not even go on sale. Nvidia is still struggling to keep up with demand for the RTX 4090, but it’s likely that demand for a Titan GPU would be a bit lower.

Nvidia also has no reason to sell a Titan quite yet. AMD’s RX 7900 XTX doesn’t come close to the performance of the RTX 4090. Until they have a GPU that can go toe-to-toe with the 4090, it’s possible that Nvidia will stick to their guns.

The GPU might not even be named the Titan, too. The card could still come to market as an RTX 4090 Ti, with the Titan naming remaining dead for another year. It’s likely that the GPU pictured is an engineering sample that

As ever, take rumors like this with a huge pinch of salt, as Moore’s Law is Dead has had a generally accurate history, but their leaks are certainly not gospel. Things such as the placement of the dual 12VHPWR connectors are very curious indeed.