Tekken 8 fans defend “reasonable” skin prices in Tekken Shop

Carver Fisher
Tekken 8 fans defend Tekken Shop

Tekken 8’s post-launch microtransactions have had their prices revealed, and, while some players are still wary of the game adding a shop after release, others are pretty happy with how much things cost.

The initial response to the sly manner in which Tekken 8 announced it’d be getting an in-game shop garnered some mixed reactions.

This announcement only confirmed the shop’s existence and included the game having “In-Game Purchases” in the ESRB rating, with details about what’d be up for sale and how much it’d cost being concealed.

That said, now that we know what’s in the shop and how much it’ll cost, players have had some generally positive reactions. While many are still wary of Tekken 8 adding microtransactions beyond its DLC characters, others are down to spend a few extra bucks on some new costumes for their favorite fighters.

Tekken Shop has many Tekken 8 players excited

The last decade or so has seen the needle move significantly when it comes to how much games and the microtransactions within them cost. And, while this is partially due to companies wanting to find ways to make more money with their games, it’s also partially done to offset ever-rising development costs.

When it comes to games that require years of support beyond that initial purchase, finding ways to make money from the player base that chooses to stick around is essential to keeping a game alive and thriving.

Pricing is the key here, however, and other fighting games like Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 have received flak for how much skins cost in the past. Tekken 8 however, has had a fairly positive response when it comes to how things are priced, with most players saying the cost of legacy costumes is “reasonable.”

Additionally, the devs have confirmed that the Tekken shop will have a mix of paid and free items. Hopefully there’ll be something in there for dedicated players to spend all that Fight Money they have lying around on.

Fans have been a bit divided, with some claiming these should have been free options considering that many returning characters on the roster had their Tekken 7 styles ported directly into the game.

While player response isn’t universally positive, most people are excited that they can grab some legacy skins in the in-game shop without having to break the bank.

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