Street Fighter 6 players blast Capcom for overpriced TMNT DLC skins

street fighter 6 tmntCapcom, Paramount

Street Fighter 6 players are flaming Capcom after learning the game’s TMNT DLC will cost $100 for those who want every piece of content.

On August 6, Capcom surprised Street Fighter 6 users by announcing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. The teaser trailer confirmed the collab would begin on August 8, complete with costumes, accessories, emotes, and more for all four heroes in a half shell.

Conveniently, the teaser left out details about the pricing for such content. Since the DLC’s official release, though, the pricing is all anyone’s been able to talk about.

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It’s worth noting that Street Fighter 6 players can make in-game purchases using Fighter Coins, premium currency that Capcom sells in bundles of 250, 610, 1,250, and 2,750. 250 Fighter Coins costs $4.99; meanwhile, the bundle of 2,750 coins bears a $49.99 price tag.

street fighter 6 tmntCapcom, Paramount

How much does Street Fighter 6’s TMNT DLC cost?

VGC reports that each of the four TMNT heroes costs 750 coins. All four Turtle mask accessories are worth 250 Fighter Coins apiece.

In addition, the TMNT-themed content includes sticker sets (100 coins), camera frames (100), taunts (250), and in-game device wallpapers (100) – buying all of these extras will run users 1,300 coins.

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So if a fan decides to shell out money for every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle item, they should expect to pay no less than 5,300 Fighter Coins. Buying two of the 2,750 bundles for 5,500 Fighter Coins is just enough to unlock all of the TMNT gear at $99.98 without taxes.

Street Fighter 6 fans slam Capcom for high-priced DLC

Needless to say, even the most dedicated Street Fighter and TMNT fans are displeased. In a Reddit thread about the pricing, one user wrote: “…I was so hyped, as a big TMNT fan. I legit thought this s**t would be a $25 pack or something given how absolutely f***ing awful these skins look. Nope. What a s**t show.”

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Someone else commented, “shame that this went the microtransaction way like this,” before reminiscing on Monster Hunter’s crossover content that was once earned by playing the game.

And another person chimed in with, “Capcom has been riding a very fine line with scummy and non-scummy mtx since at least [Monster Hunter World].”

Of course, a fair few comments call this a “nothingburger,” since the Street Fighter 6 x TMNT content is all cosmetic. If fans want to show Capcom their frustration, they should simply opt not to buy the DLC, many argue in the thread.

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It seems this is one Street Fighter crossover that won’t be fondly remembered.