Starfield Constellation Edition watches are dying after just a month

Kurt Perry
Chronomark Watch from Starfield Constellation Edition.Bethesda

Starfield players are reporting that the watches they received as part of the space RPG’s Constellation Edition are breaking after barely a month.

The Constellation Edition of Starfield is its most premium package offering a range of exclusive merchandise for $299.99.

Arguably the biggest selling point of the Constellation Edition is the inclusion of a real-life Chronomark Watch based on the one seen in the game.

However, worrying reports are now surfacing that the watch’s quality may not be up to the standards expected with some players having theirs break after just a month of owning them.

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Starfield Constellation Edition watches are already breaking

A Starfield player posted on Reddit explaining that their Constellation Edition watch had broken after just over a month and Bethesda wasn’t initially interested in helping them.

“So after a month and a week of working just fine, I left it on the charger and a day later … the watch is dead. I tried everything to get it working, including support instructions on the Bethesda website and nothing would bring it back,” OP opened exposing the watch’s death.

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They then reached out to Bethesda for help: “So I explained the entire situation to Bethesda in a ticket and got a canned response from support … which included the same instructions on their website that I told them I had already followed. They didn’t even bother to read the ticket (… why am I surprised?)”

Others experienced similar issues with the watch with one player responding: “Mine died a few days, maybe a week after I got it. Well, it didn’t technically die, but after I left it charging one night, the software seemingly bricked itself. I have been exchanging emails with Bethesda support for almost a month now.”

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“Enh, mine’s been basically useless since I got it. The firmware fails to update every time and the Bluetooth constantly needs to reconnect. I never planned to use it much but it should work properly at the bare minimum,” another reply revealed.

A later edit to the original post revealed that upon waking up Bethesda had reached out asking for details like proof of purchase and personal address to offer a replacement.

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