Todd Howard reveals Starfield’s in-game watch was inspired by moon landing

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Screenshot of exploration in Starfield

In an interview, Todd Howard revealed that the Constellation watch featured in Starfield and included in its Collector’s Edition is inspired by a real watch with a lot of history.

Starfield is almost upon us, and fans are learning even more about what to expect from the massive space adventure and the team’s inspirations when developing it.

One element that Bethesda has been emphasizing for a while is the Constellation watch. This in-game timepiece seems to be given to the player early on. A smartwatch replica is even part of the sold-out Constellation Edition.

Now, Todd Howard has shed light on the Constellation watch’s real-world inspirations, which connect both to his personal life and the history of space travel.

Starfield’s Constellation watch is inspired by the Moonwatch

In an interview with GQ, Howard told the story of his own watch, an Omega Speedmaster. The watch is often called “the Moonwatch,” as Buzz Aldrin was wearing one when he stepped onto the Moon. Both Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had Speedmasters with them, but Armstrong left his in the lander due to a timer malfunction.

Howard was gifted the watch by his wife.

As the interview explains, “[Howard’s] love of a watch that’s tied intrinsically to space even inspired Starfield’s Constellation watch – the timepiece you receive upon joining the game’s central group of explorers.”

Starfield Constellation Edition

Given this history and the watch’s personal importance to Todd Howard, it makes sense that Starfield’s Constellation watch would be such a major part of Starfield’s identity ahead of launch.

In Starfield, the player’s Chronomark is an important part of the game’s UI. In addition to serving as a compass, it displays the stamina bar, environmental information, and much more.

The watch included as part of the Constellation Edition can connect with smartphones, allowing it to serve a similar role in the real world as its in-game counterpart.

The case it comes in also has a connection to historical space travel, as its design resembles the lunar sample return containers astronauts used in the Apollo era.

Though a small detail, the fact that the game’s HUD is based on a real watch with both historical significance and sentimental value to its director shows the level of care that appears to have gone into Starfield’s development.

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