Starfield dev promises mod support, new ways to travel & more for future update

Brianna Reeves
Starfield mod support

Following the December 11 patch, a Starfield developer noted that mod support and much more will arrive when 2024 updates start rolling out.

Bethesda Game Studios deployed a small patch for Starfield on December 11, which most importantly jettisoned the “pet rock” glitch. It also tackled a few other issues involving Outpost weapon cases and crashing errors.

Fans have much higher hopes for the space-faring RPG’s future, though. For one, many still await details about mod support, content that Bethesda previously said would arrive sometime in 2024.

While the studio has yet to solidify a release date for such a patch, a developer has provided a basic overview concerning what sits on the horizon.

Starfield dev teases mod support and new travel options for 2024

In response to a Reddit post about the December 11 patch notes, a Bethesda community manager told fans that developers have been keeping track of player feedback on the subreddit.

The Starfield developer additionally noted that players should expect “a large number of ‘in-progress’ quest fixes as well as FSR3 and XeSS” to go live in an early 2024 update.

Moreover, the studio is also hard at work on new features for Starfield, including mod support, city maps, and more ways to travel. These new features will be deployed alongside a “regular cadence of fixes” that should arrive every six weeks or so in the new year. Meanwhile, smaller hiccups like the “pet rock” bug will still receive adjustments in hotfixes between larger releases.

Starfield landscape image

This note from the developer doesn’t offer much in the way of concrete details, but it at least provides a big-picture overview of what’s in store for 2024.

Starfield’s most significant patch to date – 1.8.86 – launched on November 20. It implemented DLSS support, a consume button for food, and several improvements. As for when the next big update will hit PC and Xbox, Bethesda has yet to say.

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