Stardew Valley player rakes in a million gold without leaving their farm

Jake Nichols
Stardew Valley player earns 1 million without leaving f arm

In an impressive feat of virtual self-sufficiency, a Stardew Valley player known as “hiimdbn” raked in over a million gold without ever venturing beyond their farm boundaries.

This astonishing accomplishment, which required a mix of strategy, patience, and meticulous management, has unsurprisingly impressed the community of Stardew Valley players.

The Four Corners farm, the player’s chosen homestead for this unusual challenge, offers limited resources and possibilities.

“Hiimdbn” utilized every bit of it, earning their first 700,000 gold solely from mixed seeds during the initial five in-game years.

“It took me 38 hours IRL and 7 years in-game. The first 5 years I gained gold 100% from mixed seeds…when I hit mining level 7 on year 5, I finally got gold to spawn…in order to craft the seed machine so in year 6 I just recycle crops in those. Gained the last 300k in just one year,” shared the player.

Their self-imposed solitude resonated with other players. One player responded, “That’s the best way to deal with people IRL, too…You’re my hero!” The player revealed their minimalist daily routine as a key to success, “I literally just wake up, water crops (before I got enough ores for 30 sprinklers…), chop some trees, and go to sleep.”

The player’s strategy was scrutinized by other users, who were particularly curious about seed sourcing and sprinkler logistics. “Hiimdbn” attributed the success to the weed-infested corner of the farm yielding mixed seeds and careful hoarding of ores for sprinklers.

With news of Stardew Valley’s impending 1.6 update stirring excitement, this achievement brings a fresh perspective on gameplay possibilities, reinforcing the limitless creative and strategic options within the game.

As fans eagerly await the new patch, one thing is clear – whether it’s digging into the tantalizing teaser of the 1.6 update or going solo on their farm for years, the Stardew Valley community’s passion and creativity knows no bounds.