MLB fans enraged at Fanatics for “cheap” see-through uniforms

Declan Mclaughlin

MLB fans have been up in arms over the new jerseys from Fanatics that they are calling cheap as people can see through players’ pants.

Baseball fans around the country are furious at Fanatics and the MLB over the 2024 uniforms. They are pointing the finger at the Nike-owned company over what they say are “cheap” uniforms of low quality.

The 2024 uniforms debuted at the 2023 All-Star game and didn’t receive much attention. But with spring training around the corner, and every player now suiting up in their new digs, the thinness of the material is overwhelmingly apparent.

Fanatics is already not a well-liked apparel company, as fans across North American sports fandoms have complained for years about overpriced jerseys and cheap material. This new wave of criticism has the company under fire again, with multiple photos of players with see-through pants circling social media.

Fans blast Fanatics over MLB uniforms

As pro baseball players took to the media, and the ball park, for the first time in 2024, fans were able to immediately spot flaws in their new uniforms. Multiple photos and videos of players in full uniform had them looking like they were wearing diapers as their tucked in shirts were visible through their pants.

“I can’t handle this. It’s so funny and also tragic,” one fan said in response to a photo of a Clevland Guardians player talking to the media.

Another fan posted what a Milwaukee Brewers yellow uniform looked like.

“Confirmed: The Brewers pants are see-through. Great job Fanatics!” They said.

Even MLB pundits have started calling out how bad the new uniforms look.

“It’s insane how cheap the MLB pants are now,” MLB content creator Marc Luino said on social media.

Whether the fan uproar or the potential embarrassment of players accidentally flashing viewers on live television will make Fanatics or the MLB change the league’s uniforms has yet to be seen.

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