MLB The Show 24 players take issue with “broken” game after patch

Chris Studley
MLB The Show 24 bobblehead

MLB The Show 24 players have found major issues with player models and other features after a post-launch patch, right before the game went down for maintenance.

On March 28, Sony San Diego rolled out a major post-launch patch for MLB The Show 24, one designed to target several issues players experienced during the first week of the game — but it didn’t solve everything.

In fact, players discovered numerous glitches after the patch went live before the title’s online services were shut off during the morning of March 28.

Among those issues included “bobblehead” models and missing gameplay features.

As noted earlier, the MLB The Show 24 team released the first major post-launch patch on March 28. This patch was set to fix a litany of problems, including the ability to access Diamond Dynasty on the Nintendo Switch, the two-way player stamina glitch, as well as commentary and UI changes.

But shortly after the release of the update, users noticed major problems in the game. Users found that the strike zone outline and PCI were missing while hitting. Additionally, player models were shrunk or morphed, with some not even looking remotely close to their real-life likenesses.

Vlad Jr. bobbleheadImage from Reddit (u/mtri1983)

Some also noticed that an “invalid roster” error message would pop up when trying to enter Mini Seasons in Diamond Dynasty.

On social media, players vented over the current state of the game. One Reddit user noted, “Probably the last time I’m actually gonna pay for this game seems pointless.” Another added, “
April 1st came early this year.”

Others also pointed out that these issues arose on Opening Day of the 2024 MLB season.

The MLB The Show 24 development team on the morning of March 28 posted on social media that it was looking into the issues. As of 12 PM ET on the 28th, server functionality began to roll out again to users.

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