Ebanie Bridges slams “bitter” Conor McGregor haters in brutal defense of their relationship

Matt Hobkinson
Ebanie Bridges and Conor McGregor

Ebanie Bridges has labeled the people that cannot understand her and Conor McGregor’s relationship as “bitter”, stating that the duo are the ones “rolling around with our millions.”

Bridges and McGregor have been good friends since they first crossed paths at Anthony Joshua’s knockout victory against Robert Helenius last year.

‘The Blonde Bomber’ has helped McGregor promote his Forged Irish Stout and struck up a close bond with the ‘Mystic Mac’.

Yet Bridges has now defended her relationship and business partnership with McGregor, insisting that the the people who hate the MMA star have not seen the real side of him.

“I don’t know how people can’t understand it, the people that can’t understand it are dopes,” she told Lord Ping. “They know nothing about business, they know nothing about sales and they are obviously not very successful.

“If you are successful, you can see right through it. Or, they are just bitter and they have their own little fantasies, or they just want to tear you down. But, at the end of the day, we are the ones rolling around with our millions.

“What are they doing, sitting behind a keyboard? If we cared about what haters say, we wouldn’t be where we are.

“No matter how much good you do, there is always going to be hate and people are going to try and drag you down. Conor has a lot of haters, but they don’t see the good that he does.

“If you saw him giving his money away to support other fighters, or any other athlete, he wouldn’t just sit there being greedy and putting all of the money into his pocket. He does it to help the next generation, as I am trying to do, because I want to give back and help build other people up to be successful.”

Bridges, a professional boxer by trade, has not fought since losing her world title in her unanimous decision defeat to Miyo Yoshida in December last year.

McGregor, meanwhile, is set to return to the octagon after nearly three years out, fighting Michael Chandler at UFC 303 on June 29.