Darts star Luke Littler reveals WWE inspiration behind iconic walk-on music

Matt Hobkinson
Luke Littler

Luke Littler has revealed that his iconic darts walk-on music was inspired by a trip to Florida to watch WrestleMania.

The 17-year-old burst on to the darts scene after he made it all the way to the final of the World Darts Championship earlier this year. Walking on to the stage to ‘Greenlight’ by Pitbull, Littler has now taken to social media to reveal that his love of WWE played a pivotal role in his song selection.

Alongside of a video of Littler watching on from the stands as a child at WrestleMania 33 while the song blares out, he wrote: “Seven years ago, where my darts walk-on music came from.”

Speaking in further detail about the event, the teenager revealed that he was infatuated by the song at just ten-years-old.

“Me and my dad went to WrestleMania 33, seven years ago now, it was in Florida, Orlando,” he said (via The Sun).

“It was my first time being there. It was a good song, I was singing my head off as a ten-year-old. I thought that if I did make it – I was playing football at the time a little bit – then that would be my walk-on.

“I will have it for the time being. I haven’t thought about changing it. Gezzy [Gerwyn] Price went from Ice Ice Baby to Katy Perry. That was weird.”

A darts player is synonymous with their walk-on song as they look to get the crowd going and on their side. There is a huge variety of music that the professionals use, with the Pokemon theme tune even making an appearance.

Ricardo Pietreczko, nicknamed ‘Pikachu‘ owing to an unfortunate mispronunciation of his surname, walks out to the game’s iconic music.

Pietreczko was recently involved in a bizarre altercation with Littler as the German darts player exchanged words with the youngster in an angry confrontation on stage.