Joe Bartolozzi reveals his secret to cooling off after going nuts on stream


Streaming star Joe Bartolozzi shared his secret to chilling out after going nuts during a particularly heated gaming sesh in an off-the-wall interview sponsored by Drumstick.

Joe Bartolozzi is a prominent online figure with over 1.6 million followers, who’s best known for streaming a variety of competitive multiplayer games.

It’s clear that Joe is an experienced gamer, and thus, he’s well-acquainted with the intense moments of all-encompassing rage that can crop up when something goes awry while playing.

That’s why he sat down for a one-on-one conversation with Dr.Umstick, the brand’s newest spokesperson, to get to the nutty caramel center of it all. During their interview, the two watched an intense blow-up moment from one of Bartolozzi’s streams, where the broadcaster screamed at his wall after dying and stormed off-camera.

When asked how he calms down after moments like these, Joe shared two major things that help him get over his gamer rage — working out and meditating.

“Working out’s a big thing,” he began. “I think that’s a big stress reliever. It helps hanging out with friends, watching movies. Being chill, having a good time.”

“Meditation I’ve done from time to time,” he continued. “I would say maybe having some white noise playing in the back, focusing on breathing, sitting criss-cross applesauce. Eyes closed. Just focusing. Just let your mind wander. Bring it back. You’ll feel like a new person.”

(Topic begins at 11:42)

“I usually just walk off frame and stand there. I think I find myself questioning why I’m getting so mad. And I think sometimes I’ll walk back on frame a calmer man.”

That’s not the only thing Joe shared that might surprise fans. The streamer also revealed his idea for his next tattoo, admitting that he eventually wants to get some ink that simply “makes no sense.”

In particular, Joe wants artwork involving a raccoon, saying it would be a “good conversation starter” when people ask why in the world he got it.

To cap off their conversation, Joe and Dr. Umstick broke out some Mini Drums and chowed down. After taking a few bites, Joe admitted that he felt a bit “creamier” and had “cooled down” from his gamer rage.

Check out the whole video for more wacky hijinks between Joe B and Dr. Umstick.