Intel Gamer Days Predator Aim Lab Challenge: Prizes and dates

Alan Bernal
Intel Gamer Days Predator Aim Challenge
Aim Lab / Intel

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The Intel Gamer Days Predator Aim Lab Challenge will put players’ skills to the test and give them the chance to compete for huge prizes, including gear from Predator Gaming. Here’s how to join.

Testing your limits in Aim Lab can give you a good picture of your FPS skills and how you can improve. And there’s also a leaderboard component to see how you stack up against others.

During Intel Gamer Days, the Predator Aim Lab Challenge will give participants the chance to play a custom aim training map to enter an exclusive giveaway and earn prizes.

How to enter the Predator Aim Lab Challenge

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Entering the competition is as easy as playing the custom Predator Challenge map in Aim Lab.

The download for the map is relatively small and fast, so anyone can put their name in the ring. Predator Aim Lab Challenge dates The Predator Aim Lab Challenge will be a huge opportunity throughout Intel Gamer Days, and all players are invited.

Intel Gamer Days start Friday, August 27, and runs through Sunday, September 5. The Predator Aim Lab Challenge runs from Friday, August 27, to Friday, September 3.

That gives players a week to practice, compete, and improve their positions on the leaderboard to win some cool prizes.

Predator Aim Lab Challenge prizes

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The Intel Gamer Days will have ample opportunity to win prizes.

Envy and Predator are teaming up to award prizes to the players with the highest scores. The ultimate prize—a Predator monitor—will go to the player with the highest score on the leaderboard. But if you’re not in first place, there are still ways to win loot.

The top 25 players will be eligible to receive prizes. And every player who tries the custom Aim Lab map will be entered into a sweepstake for a Predator laptop!

Intel Gamer Days are hosting a bevy of giveaways, and FPS machines won’t want to miss the Predator Aim Lab Challenge during the festivities.