Voice actor hint could reveal Smash Ultimate’s 5th DLC

Brad Norton

A recent tease from a famous voice actor on Twitter could be alluding to the next surprise DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Released in December of 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the fifth installment in the beloved Nintendo franchise, hit store shelves with the intention of being the most content-heavy release in history. 

With a total of 69 fighters at launch, Nintendo continued to add characters into the mix with their DLC Fighters Pass, from Persona 5’s Joker to fan favorites Bango & Kazooie. With the fifth and final Challenger Pack set to launch in February 2020, players might have just nailed down the identity of the final character.

In a September 19 Tweet, popular voice actor Scott Menville shared, “I wish I could tell you about this cool voice-over project I’ve been working on but they had me sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).”

Menville is perhaps known most prominently in the video game industry for his portrayal of Lloyd Irving in the English rendition of Tales of Symphonia, a popular Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) released in 2003.

A large majority of responses to his Tweet have fans in a frenzy over the potential connections to the Smash community. 

One fan in particular, ‘@JJNW_Ghost’ on Twitter, expressed that “if this turns out to be Lloyd in Smash or a Symphonia remake I’ll straight up cry.”

The popular voice actor has contributed to dozens of animated shows and video games throughout his career, ranging from World of Warcraft to the Call of Duty franchise.

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His role in Tales of Symphonia will always be a standout for Nintendo fans as the popular title was one of the marquee JRPG releases of the GameCube generation.

Tales of SymphoniaWould you be excited if Lloyd was the next DLC character in Smash Ultimate?

Most recently, Smash Ultimate players collectively lost their minds over the surprise announcement of Undertale’s Sans having a presence in the game. 

Nintendo has continuously shocked fans with their DLC announcements throughout the Fighter Pass in Smash Ultimate, thus, expectations could not be higher for the fifth and final character.

You can check out the full Smash Ultimate roster here

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