Smash video goes viral for recreating Wombo Combo with British accents

Lawrence Scotti

A YouTube video from Luke Correia has gone viral for reimagining the famous ‘Wombo Combo’ Smash Bros video with British accents.

Wombo Combo is one of the oldest memes in all of Smash Bros history. The original video, posted all the way back in 2008, went viral for the hilarious commentary by Smash-veteran HomeMadeWaffles shout-casting at a tournament over a Fox and Captain Falcon combo in Melee, where he shouted the famous catchphrase.

Since then, Wombo Combo has been adopted as a phrase in other games and various media to describe destroying your opponent with incredible style.

Now, YouTuber Luka Correia has remade the classic Melee video, with one noticeable twist.

The Super Smash Bros Melee roster
Melee still has a dedicated player base 20 years after launch.

Smash Wombo Combo, but British

Luke Correia released a video titled “SMASHING”, where he donned a British accent and spoke the phrases from the original Wombo Combo video as if he were a proper English gentleman.

One of the best changes from the video is renaming the Wombo Combo the “Wombly Combly”, which is repeated over and over again and more hilarious each time. Luke also added in other phrases like, “Oh, cheerio,” “My goodness!” “Proper brutal,” and “I don’t believe that’s Falco. That couldn’t be Falco.”

Some nice touches on the video include placing the location of the video at the Buckingham Palace and making the thumbnail on YouTube a picture of Falco with a monocle and wooden pipe.

Luke Correia is known for his short but sweet video style on YouTube, where he posts multiple videos a week.

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