Smash pro jumps out of plane in Bowser cosplay, proceeds to win 100 games in a row

Michael Gwilliam
Smash pro LeoN jumps out of a plane in Bowser cosplay

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro ‘LeoN’ is considered to be the best Bowser player in the world – and he decided to cosplay as his main in a crazy skydiving video to campaign for Smash Summit.

Smash Summit is one of the biggest events on the competitive fighting game calendar, with some of the best players in the world participating via invitation. Other hopeful players need to secure votes or crowdfund from fans, and partake in ridiculous stunts in the process.

As such, LeoN decided his best way to win some votes was to jump out of a plane while wearing a Bowser outfit – and the result was downright amazing. Plus, it potentially even elevated his gameplay… no pun intended.

LeoN appeared to be a bit afraid at first (as to be expected from anyone jumping out of a plane), but once he was out of the aircraft, he seemed to really be enjoying the whole situation and the wild ride.

Of course, the fact he was wearing a Bowser outfit just made the whole spectacle so much more bizarre. It’s highly unlikely anyone at the skydiving business had ever had anyone wear such a costume to jump out of a plane before.

“If I don’t get into Summit at this point, I don’t know what to say,” he laughed after he was finally able to speak. “I feel incredible.”

Amusingly, the jump seemed to even improve his playing ability, as the pro went on to reveal that he won 100 games straight in Elite Smash using Banjo after his plane stunt.

“Skydive power up?!” he wondered.

Unfortunately, the skydiving video wasn’t enough to get him enough votes for Summit, and it’s too bad: LeoN had numerous other Bowser costume videos planned, including having a boxing match, going on a Tinder date and even going Go-Karting while wearing the getup.

Hopefully, the next time Summit rolls around, we can see some of those activities in action – because if they’re anything like his skydiving video, you know they’re going to be awesome.

Smash Summit begins August 26, 2021.

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