Smash players push for worldwide Steve ban as acola dominates Smash Ultimate Summit 6

Michael Gwilliam
acola wins smash ultimate summit 6 amid steve banTwitch/BTS/Nintendo

Super Smash Bros players are once again calling for Minecraft Steve to be banned from every tournament following Mashita ‘acola’ Hayato’s victory at the final Smash Ultimate Summit.

Japanese Smash prodigy and Steve main acola showed why he is one of the best, if not the best, in the world last weekend after he was able to take out MkLeo, Protobanham, Tweek and more on his way to the Ultimate Summit crown.

Despite being knocked into losers by Canadian Ice Climbers specialist Big D, the 16-year-old went on an incredible run, eventually winning the runback, showing fantastic adaptation against the Icies.

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Now, just as what happened following other big wins by the ZETA DIVISION star, the Smash community is pushing for more tournaments to implement a Steve ban due to the fighter being unbalanced.

Smash players demand worldwide Steve ban

Steve’s dominance in the Smash world has been a hot topic for some time. Although acola has had the most success with the fighter by far, the number of special techniques discovered for Steve has made him highly controversial.

So far, Collision events, Hungrybox’s Coinbox and several other high-profile tournaments have banned the character following the discovery of a tech that allows Steve to get out of hit stun.

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After acola’s victory at the final Smash Ultimate Summit, players across the Smash community demanded that more events ban usage of Steve.

“I hope Steve stays banned, and he is banned across all regions. He is not balanced correctly at all. They did such a bad job with this character,” someone wrote on Reddit.

“What an absolute bummer end to BTS’ legendary invitational series to be won by that Looney Tunes-ass character. I can’t wait for him to be widely banned,” another said, despite congratulating acola.

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“If this is the final straw to get Steve banned in NA so be it, man,” another commented.

Others pointed out that acola isn’t even in his prime and Steve has yet to be fully optimized, meaning that the character could become even more dangerous.

“Steve hadn’t been anywhere near optimized and Steve can easily counterplay all the counterplay people come up with. Ban this character please,” someone else urged on Twitter.

We’ll have to see what happens in the near future or if Nintendo can save the game with one last emergency patch to fix these issues once and for all.

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