Smash Ultimate players are trying to ban Steve by making tournaments “unwatchable”

Michael Gwilliam
Steves in Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate players are protesting Minecraft Steve’s newfound dominance in the pro play by refusing to use any other fighter in tournaments until the character is banned.

Minecraft Steve was one of Smash’s most requested fighters and while his addition was originally very well-received, he has since grown problematic for some.

Calls to ban Steve from events grew the loudest following 15-year-old Smash prodigy Acola’s win at the Gimvitational, defeating the likes of Moist Esports Paris ‘Light’ Ramirez and Team Liquid’s Michael ‘Riddles’ Kim in the process.

Now, following Angel ‘Onin’ Mireles’ victory as Steve at the Toronto major GOML, some players are protesting the fighter by only using him at events to make tournaments “unwatchable.”

Smash players only use Steve to push for ban

On July 6, Smash players in British Columbia announced they would be only playing Steve in bracket as part of a ‘Steve Strike.’

“In British Columbia, Canada, many of our players will be playing Steve in tournaments until Steve is no more,” an account pushing the ban said. “Tournaments will become unwatchable. Join us in playing Steve at all the events you attend to get this character banned.”

Reaction to the protest has been mixed. As noted by Young Link player JimBob, by only competing against Steve at events, it could help them perform better against the fighter.

“In protest of a character they do not wish to train to fight, they train their own skills at the character, thus allowing them to better understand how to fight the character,” he wrote, pondering if this was for the best.

Others, on the other hand, don’t believe the protest will amount to much, as players not participating in the strike will just steamroll through less experienced Steves.

Major tournament organizer ‘GimR’ even responded to the movement by insisting that Steve wouldn’t be getting banned despite the protest.

Whether or not this protest ends up accomplishing anything remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Steve has become one of the most controversial Smash fighters Ultimate has had.