Smash fans want Microsoft to ask Nintendo for emergency patch by banning Steve

Michael Gwilliam
Minecraft steve banned from smash ultimateNintendo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate players are hoping that Microsoft will save the game by asking Nintendo to make an emergency patch to fix their rep, Steve.

Minecraft Steve has been banned from a number of upcoming Smash Ultimate tournaments after the discovery of a powerful glitch that allows the fighter slip out of combos.

The Microsoft representative has been controversial for some time now, thanks to some dominating wins by Japanese Smash star ZETA Acola.

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Now that Steve has finally been banned, the community is hoping that Microsoft won’t take too kindly to their character being not allowed at tournaments and inquire about a final update.

Smash Ultimate community urges Microsoft to demand Steve patch

During a recent Tweek Talks podcast, the former TSM pro and his gang discussed banning Steve and how this is their best chance to get a patch to save the game.

“If I’m Microsoft and I see my character, Steve, one of the biggest characters of all time is not being allowed in tournaments… We can fix that, no big deal, let’s get him back in tournaments,” commentator Hazmatt said. “It’s good press for everyone.”

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“We might be able to get a patch out of this!” Charles Thoren exclaimed later on. “We need to use this opportunity to try and fix this game for the competitive integrity.”

Over on Reddit, more players chimed in and hoped that the ban would ultimately be the right move long-term.

“Right now, we have no patches or any more changes for the game. Banning Steve could get Nintendo’s attention for them to hopefully work on a patch for Steve, and possibly the other FP2 characters too,” one wrote.

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“Even if there’s no patch, there are still plenty of reasons to think that a game without Steve is better than a game with him,” someone else remarked.

So far, there’s no news on if Nintendo has plans to do anything about the character and with the company’s relationship with the competitive scene in tatters, a patch may be unlikely, but still not out of the realm of possibility.

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