Smash Ultimate player gets death threats after playing Steve at tournament

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Smash Ultimate pro Angel ‘Onin’ Mireles has been receiving death threats after finishing 4th at the Crown the Third super major while maining Minecraft Steve.

Steve from Minecraft has been one of the most controversial Smash characters since being added to the platform fighter as DLC, but some fans have taken their hatred of the fighter too far.

As time has passed since Steve’s release, plenty of super-advanced tricks have been discovered using the fighter that have many convinced he’s by far the best character in the game and deserving of a ban.

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Things reached a boiling point when Japanese pro Acola began dominating tournaments with Steve and now even Onin is facing backlash for his performance at Crown the Third.

Steve player gets death threats after Smash Ultimate tournament

In a screenshot posted by Onin, shortly after the event, he was sent threats telling him to “kill himself” because his playstyle was “killing the game.”

“And so it starts,” the 26 RISING player captioned the Twitter DM he received.

Despite the threats, Onin remained undeterred, praising his friends for words of support while slamming “weirdos” for attacking him over his decision to play Steve.

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“I’m a nice kid, I promise. Please learn how to differentiate player-to-character hate,” he added.

Onin did, however, end up closing DMs on Twitter following the hateful comments, but he still has no intention of dropping Steve, especially after his performance at the stacked event.

Onin ended up finishing higher than the likes of FaZe Sparg0, MkLeo, Tweek, Light, Tea and Ken en route to his fourth-place finish.

Crown the Third was filled with huge upsets and an unexpected victory as unsigned free agent Salvatore ‘Zomba’ DeSena came first, eliminating Wolf specialist Jude ‘Jakal’ Harris in a Grand Finals no one saw coming.

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