Sky Williams breaks year-long silence to “set the record straight” on Sky House allegations

Sky Williams appears before the Super Smash Bros Sky House allegations come to light in July 2020.YouTube: Sky Williams

Exiled Super Smash Bros content creator Sky Williams has broken his internet silence after nearly a year away from the scene to “set the record straight” on several allegations leveled at him at the height of the Sky House drama.

A year ago, a slew of accusations were leveled against Sky Williams, mainly relating to his mismanagement ⁠of the “Sky House” content house.

These houses, owned by Williams one after the other, would often have up to 24 residents at any given time. During his time as house manager, the then-Smash creator allegedly wielded “abusive power,” would harass other tenants, and reportedly allowed sexual misconduct to occur in the houses.

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Most allegations that were revealed in the Smash community, including those against ZeRo, Keitaro, and more reportedly occurred at the Sky House.

In early July last year, Williams attempted to respond to multiple allegations in a bungled response stream on Twitch that went south so quickly that the former Smash star’s roommates had to pull the plug on their internet router.

A year later, Williams has now broken his silence to “set the record straight.”

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Smash content creator Sky WilliamsYouTube: Sky Williams
The former Smash content creator returned to Twitter on June 29.

Williams admits he wasn’t planning to break his year-long absence from the internet any time soon, until #ApologizeToSky started trending on Twitter on June 26.

The trend was sparked by a YouTube video ⁠— “The Truth Behind the Sky House” ⁠— published by Technicals, which claimed Jacqueline ‘Jisu’ Choe over-exaggerated many of her claims in a bid to ‘cancel’ Sky and ZeRo.

Sky said the video’s release motivated him to speak out.

“In July last year, many accusations (sexual assault) came forward about a multitude of people in the Smash community,” he wrote.

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“A common link to this would be the homes I had rented over the years served to house Smashers for next to nothing. There were several valid points made against me at the time: my extreme toxic behavior, the money I loaned and failed to pay back, my abhorrent response, [and] my negligence as a ‘landlord.’

“But this is where it stops. I need to emphasize that.

“Because those other four statements were true, I have been looped in with other, more extreme disgusting statements that have not and never will be true.”

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“These rumors would ultimately lead to dark and irreversible damage to my brand and my physical self,” he said before listing several accusations. These included “a human trafficker,” a “rapist, groomer, and sexual abuser,” and more.

The former Super Smash Bros star denied these allegations.

“I am a lot of things… a lot of negative things,” he said.

“[But] I am not, nor have I ever been, and nor will I ever be, any of those things listed… ever. I would even bet that the people who dislike me would agree.”

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Williams continued, admitting he doesn’t expect to be “welcomed back” into the Super Smash Bros competitive community again, but said he had changed in the year he has spent away from the gaming scene.

His plan, the 31-year-old revealed, is to return in the near future so he can begin earning money again to pay back the $350,000 he owes several former friends.

“I don’t expect to be forgiven for what I’ve done as a landlord [or] as a friend, or as a content creator to my fans that still exist, but I am committed to at least setting the record straight,” the disgraced content creator claimed.

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“I can say, without a doubt, I’m not that toxic person anymore.

“I have made mental growth spurts which I’m proud of, and I will continue to grow like most people do. It’s fine to still unfollow, dislike me, or w/e [sic] but if you do, do it for the correct reasons. If you’re here to stay, know I greatly appreciate you.”

He concluded: “Thank you to everyone who’s [sic] giving me support in the #ApologizeToSky tag. I wouldn’t be here without y’all.”

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