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Samsora explains what makes Peach strong in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Published: 8/Jan/2020 17:30

by David Purcell


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate professional player Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris has revealed why Peach is his favorite character to play with during an exclusive interview with Dexerto. 

The pro is ranked as the 22nd best WiiU player of all time, based on Panda Global Rankings (PGR), and managed to win his first-ever major in August 2019 after finishing in top spot of the Shine: Ultimate tournament.

Representing eUnited he took home a grand prize of over $3,500 in that competition and plans on building on that success in 2020, but what is it about the character he likes to play with that makes it so special? Let’s see what he thinks about Princess Peach.

The esports star, who selected his nickname based on boss from his childhood favorite game Grand Chase, spoke to Dexerto ahead of Dreamhack in December.

He said: “I really like Princess Peach as a character because she has a float ability, which no other character has. I was like ‘wow, I want to be a little bit different and have a mechanic that nobody else has.”

The 21-year-old gamer has been playing with the character from the Super Mario Bros series since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which was released back in 2008 for the Wii console, and decided to stick with her on Nintendo Switch as well.

NintendoPeach was also a strong fighter to pick in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

When asked about her biggest strengths and weaknesses, it was clear that the player wouldn’t still be utilizing the fighter if he didn’t think she was a serious threat to other players.

“Peach’s strength right now is that she does the most damage out of any character, because you don’t get short hop multiplier, and she has a really good recovery,” he said, before laying out the few weaknesses he’s noticed. “I feel like her weaknesses, as of right now, is landing sometimes and then getting outranged.”

One frustration that was clear to see from the interview was the impacts of patch 3.1, rolled out in May 2019, which decreased Peach’s “killing power,” he says.


Based on the patch notes that would be an accurate verdict to make, too, as increased vulnerability was implemented as well as “shortened the launch distance” in both forward air attack and backwards throw.

With that being said, it appears that the eUnited star will be sticking with the Princess for the foreseeable future and we wish him the best of luck in future competitions.


Ryan Garcia challenges Super Smash Bros pro MkLeo to $30k wager match

Published: 24/Nov/2020 6:48 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 13:09

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Ryan Garcia might be a professional in the boxing ring, but now he’s looking to step into the Super Smash Bros. scene and take on one of the most dominant champions, MkLeo.

Ryan Garcia has been making headlines for the wrong reasons lately. However, it looks like he wants to turn a new leaf and win over some fans in the Super Smash Bros. community.

Surprisingly, he has been a dedicated fan and player of the game for many years now. “My love for smash started with [Super Smash Bros. Melee],” he said. “I watched the documentary and been playing ever since.” 

Ryan Garcia has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with Nintendo after they shut down The Big House. Now, it seems like he’s willing to put on a spectacle for the community and take on one of the biggest names in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ryan Garcia MkLeo Super Smash Bros Fight
John Locher
Ryan Garcia is one of the best boxers in his division.

“I challenge MkLeo to [a] 30,000$ [Super Smash Bros.] match,” he said.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, he also called for it to be a best-of-two series, meaning fans would get more of a show.

Leonardo López ‘MkLeo’ Pérez is widely considered to be the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player. He’s always risen above and beyond any challenge, and it wasn’t any different this time around. “Hey, I’m down to make this happen,” he said.

Naturally, he’d be the heavy favorite. It’s the equivalent of him stepping into a ring against Ryan Garcia, except the other way around. Still, Ryan Garcia was keen to get the ball rolling and asked him to “set a date.”

Ryan Garcia and MkLeo have more or less made a gentlemen’s agreement over the bout. But nothing is set in stone until an official announcement has been made. 

It’s an exciting prospect that Super Smash Bros. fans are looking forward to, even if they expect it to be heavily one-sided.

But for all we know, Ryan Garcia might have a couple of tricks up his sleeve. He might even be an absolute beast.