Did an official Nintendo account leak more Smash Ultimate DLC fighters?

Michael Gwilliam
Smash Ultimate DLC fighters unlockedNintendo

With the final DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate set to be released by December 2021, fans have been wondering who the character will be, and if there could be any others that might follow. A potential leak from an official Nintendo social media account may shed some light on their identity.

Back when Pyra and Mythra were added to the roster, the official Smash Ultimate Facebook account celebrated their release by posting a video of the game’s famous character mural.

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“With their addition, there will be 84 fighters on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster!” the post read.

However, there is some confusion about the total character count. The Smash Bros website lists Pyra and Mythra as fighters 79 and 80, despite the fact they take up one slot on the character select screen.

Smash Ultimate playable DLCFacebook/Nintendo
This Smash Facebook post has some players confused.

There are some other variables to take into account, too, such as how the website doesn’t seem to count Dark Samus, Dark Pit, Ken, or Richter as being separate fighters, either.

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As such, even official Nintendo sources aren’t consistent. Kazuya, the supposedly penultimate DLC fighter, is listed as fighter 81 on the website.

Some fans have taken this inconsistency to suggest that there may have been an accidental leak by Nintendo, themselves.

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Did Nintendo leak more Smash DLC on Facebook?

“Still thinking about the Smash Facebook saying 84 fighters instead of 82,” a user wrote, tagging Smash YouTuber PapaGenos. “If that was an accidental leak from Nintendo, the last fighter would have to be a three-in-one fighter, like a Pokémon Trainer. Akari from Pokémon Legends, Arceus still seems likely.”

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The idea that the final DLC is some sort of multi-fighter isn’t a new one, as some hints have seemed to suggest that a Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 multi-champion character could round out the pass.

There is also the theory that Smash could be getting bonus DLC after Fighters Pass Volume 2, despite series creator Masahiro Sakurai insisting that there is only one left.

Sakurai waves for the camera.Nintendo
Sakurai insists there is only one DLC fighter remaining.

Sadly, this discussion about a leak may just be wishful thinking. There were 84 fighter slots on the character select screen when the post was made, so it’s likely that the account was referring to that and wasn’t going off the Smash website.

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Still, being able to get two more fighters and bring the website’s total up to 84 would be amazing, and it definitely remains a possibility considering some other interesting leaks we’ve had in the past.

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate finally returning to LAN esports competitions, hopefully, we end up seeing a bit more content added to the game, but take this Facebook leak theory with a major grain of salt.

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