Hackers have reportedly cracked into The Sims 5 just weeks after official reveal

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Reports claim that hackers have already gotten their hands on The Sims 5 and that playtesters have managed to access Peer 2 Peer servers without gaining permission from developer EA.

As first reported by Insider Gaming, there are claims that The Sims 5 has already been hacked despite the game only beginning playtests at the end of October. This news comes from anonymous sources who have reportedly shown Insider Gaming how they have been able to pirate The Sims 5.

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Allegedly, the hackers have used a playtester denuvo token to get into the game. These tokens then allowed anyone to access and play the early version of the Sims 5 without prior approval from EA. As well as this, these Sims 5 players have also revealed gameplay footage of the next Sims installment, once again doing so without gaining approval from developer EA.

Unreal Engine & no encryption made it “easy” for The Sims 5 hackers

The Sims 5 was first officially announced only weeks ago. The reveal – made during The Sims Summit Stream event – simply referred to the new game as Project Rene.

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The hack was described as being “real easy” due to the fact that the game is not encrypted and runs on Unreal Engine 5. And while EA has previously voiced their desire to run the game on the Unreal Engine, they are yet to confirm if it will fully release on the software.

Despite these early playtest issues, it appears that those who have managed to get their hands on the game are enjoying it so far. One source telling Insider Gaming that “everyone loves it in the playtest Discord.”

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Gamers have been patiently awaiting any news or updates about the upcoming Sims game. The most recent installment in the franchise – The Sims 4 – was released back in 2014. Given that it’s already been six years since release, fans are hoping to see The Sims 5 on shelves sooner rather than later.

However, the game is still yet to even get a release window, let alone a concrete date. So for those counting down the days, you might be in for a bit longer of a wait. EA is yet to comment on The Sims 5 hackers.

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