All items in Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion

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A promotional image from The Sims 4 horse ranch expansion which features new items.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion is here, and there are a lot of new items for players to get their hands on for both create-a-sim and the build mode. Here are all the items you can find in the new DLC.

A brand new expansion has arrived for Sims 4, and this time players can jump into Chestnut Ridge, a world full of horse riding fun. As well as creating and riding your own horses, you’ll have the chance to enter competitions and of course customize your Sims appearance to make sure they fit into the wild west!

There are plenty of exciting items to get your hands on in the Horse Ranch expansion too, ranging from new clothing options to a number of horse accessories. Buildable items are also included such as horse stalls and ranch signs so you can customize your ranch to your heart’s desire.

Here’s a full rundown of all the new items you can find in the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion.

A promotional image for the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion DLC.
There are a lot of new exciting items to use in the Horse Ranch expansion.

All build mode items in the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion

Build mode the Sims 4 allows players to create and place various items on their property and as expected there’s a lot of Horse and Ranch centric furniture and facilities in this DLC, including Horse Stalls which you’ll need to maintain to keep your horses happy. A full list of every new build mode item can be found below:

  • Horse Stalls
  • Ranch Signs x2
  • A Firebox
  • Sleeping Bag Kits
  • Doors x5 (including a brand new Barn Door)
  • Windows x12
  • Single bed x2
  • Double bed x2
  • Bunkbeds
  • Wardrobe
  • Cowhide chair
  • Couch options x2
  • Cabinets x2
  • Outside seating
  • A Western-themed piano
  • Low-hanging ceiling lights x3
  • Stools x2
  • Pouffe
  • Desk Organizer
  • Fencing options
  • A wooden bathtub
  • Chandelier x3
  • Speakers
  • Basketball
  • Trough
  • A ranch sign for outdoors
  • Country-themed dollhouse
  • Potted plants x2
  • Hedges x2
  • Outside campfire kit
  • Wicker Basket
  • Broom set clutter kit
  • Clothes rack clutter items
  • Pans clutter items
  • Rocking chair
  • Wooden dining chair
  • Stone fireplace
  • Standing mirror
  • Shower cubible
  • Trees x3
  • Brand new woohoo bush
  • An archway

All Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion CAS items

Alongside the build mode items, players will of course be able to customize their Sims and new horses with a lot of exciting clothes and accessories that can signify your ranch experience! We’ve listed every available CAS item below for both Sims and Horses.

CAS items for Sims:

  • New hairstyles x10
  • Feminine outfits x6
  • Feminine tops x11
  • Feminine bottoms x10
  • Masculine outfits x3
  • Masculine tops x10
  • Msacline bottoms x3
  • New facial hair options
  • Various accessories including cowboy hats, riding gloves, and neckerchiefs
  • Hairstyles x5 (Kids)
  • Tops x2 (Kids)
  • Bottoms x2 (Kids)
  • One outfit (Kids)
  • Cowboy boots x2 (Kids)
  • Hats x2 (Kids)
  • Horse-themed onesie (Infants)

CAS items for horses:

  • Tail presets x4
  • Body presets x7
  • Unicorn horns x2
  • Blankets x2
  • Everyday outfit
  • Riding outfit
  • Hats x2
  • Tail accessories x2
  • Horse wraps

Those are all of the new items you can enjoy in the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion! For even more Sims content, check out our guides below:

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